The commission process can work a couple of ways:
  1.  If you already have a specific image and/or idea in mind for a piece of art, we can easily communicate through email about your specifications and details.  Just send me an email and we can get the process started.
  2. If you are not sure exactly what you would like, we could work together to come up with a piece that suits your taste and desire.  In this case I would prefer meeting in person (either over a coffee or during a studio visit) so I could get to know you and a understand what you want or desire in your commissioned piece of art.  If a personal meeting is not possible, feel free to send a message and we can discuss ideas over email.
Prices are based on based on both size and subject matter. 
For example, the price for a portrait or painting with multiple persons will be more expensive than a landscape or still life.  
If you would like to commission a painting or drawing for your home or as a gift, please send a message to