Artist Statement

Poetry is found where contradictions live in harmony.

My artistic practice explores the space where past and present co-exist within the human experience.  Within my work I explore the tensions and harmony present within the passage of time and search for moments when poetry is born through their simultaneous existence. Research and experimentation are the driving forces behind my work, which pulls inspiration from psychology, anthropology and literature.

As the present moment slips into history, so too do our experiences transform into memories.  During the retrieval process, our brains reweave the pieces remembered from our past experiences into the stories we tell both to ourselves and others. Memories reside in the rare space where they are both mistrusted and regarded as fact, and we use them overwhelmingly to make our way forward in the world. This idea has spawned my investigation into the complex and fragile world of memory as a tool existing simultaneously in the past and present.  Using this process as a framework for my own practice, I create visual narratives that meditate on the ambiguity lying in our individual experiences and thus our perceptions of reality within the evolution of time.

The physical properties of paper have provided the delicate yet sturdy medium on which I create these memory stories. Using layers of white and transparent papers I investigate how one can bring physical form to the nonphysical and elusive imagery of a memory. I see and understand time as layered and simultaneous, thus the narratives of memory are piled together and upon each other in the same way as time.